To help our clients meet there financial goals at a much faster pace, by repairing, inaccurate, outdated and unverifiable items off their credit reports and providing credit education along the way.

The advent of consumer protection statutes has made credit repair possible and creditors have been working to make it complicated and difficult. I fight for consumers and I have helped develop tools and strategies to make things easier for you — the way it should be.

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  • Personalized Credit Analysis – includes credit score evaluation and recommended solutions.
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Money Back Guarantee

We are a strong believer in that “you shouldn’t have to pay for something that isn’t working

Credit Analysis

Our clients receive a personalized credit score improvement analysis at sign up, which includes targeted information that may help to raise their credit scores.

Quick Disputes

We start fast – and work smart. We dispute inaccurate items fast and make the process simple for our clients.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to help clients determine how to proceed.

Credit Rebuilding

I will give you the guidance you need to successfully open new credit cards, manage balances, and repair past debt.

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Initiating the Process

Pull your 3-Bureau credit report and Sign-up

We require you to pull your 3-bureau report to start, and may request a new report from time-to-time to update your progress if you don’t keep the credit monitoring site active throughout the duration of your credit repair process, so you should allow for this additional expense.

Set Up Credit Monitoring

Please visit the link below to be connected to one of the credit monitoring sites, we find to be most cost effective. Once you have done this, you can provide us with your login information so we can perform a detailed credit analysis report, to pin point what exactly is damaging your scores. Visit IdentityIQ.com for more information.

Set Up A Payment Plan

Then we will contact you to set-up your preferred payment plan, go over payment methods and schedule your FREE consultation to review your credit analysis report.
Dispute/Validation Process

Challenging Negative Items

Once you have completed step 1, the dispute process begins. We start challenging those negative items on your credit report directly with TransUnion, Equifax, Experian and/or straight with the creditor/collection company. All the correspondence from any challenge will be sent directly to you so you can see the results as they occur.

Forward Correspondence

All correspondence should be forwarded to us ASAP (or within at least 7days of receiving) so we can re-dispute anything that was not corrected with new challenge letters, that will maximize the probability of our preferred outcome.



Brenda Rivera

My name is Brenda Rivera owner of Br-Fix Credit Repair. I have over 10 years of experience in banking and over 20 years in Humboldt County. I worked for a credit union for 9+ years before I decided to branch out and pursue what I actually love doing, Credit Repair. Over the years, I would help family and friends understand credit and guide them in rebuilding their credit but never looked at it as potential full time job, until my husband approached me and suggested I look into it.

Years of Experience

After years of research and training I have been able to help many clients in our community rebuild their credit in as little as 6 months or less. The average client sees initial results in the first 45-60 days. Although you can attempt to fix your credit yourself, the process can be very frustrating for some. Let Br-Fix Credit Repair fix your way to your financial freedom.


Individual Credit Repair

Only $100/mo

  • Free Consultation
  • $150 First Work / Credit Analysis Fee
  • 3 Dispute / Validation Letters Per Month
  • Results within 60 Days
  • No Contract – Only Month-to-Month
  • Personal Service
  • Monthly Meetings (optional)
  • Credit Education
  • 60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Family Credit Repair

Only 150.00 Monthly ($75 for add-ons) – Must be related and sign up the same day to be eligible for this deal.

  • Free Consultation
  • $200 First Work / Credit Analysis Fee
  • 3 Dispute / Validation Letters Per Month
  • Results in 60 Days or Less
  • No Contracts – Only Month To Month
  • Personal Service
  • Monthly Meetings (optional)
  • Credit Education
  • 60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee

$250 Express Plan

This plan is geared toward the person that needs minimal credit restoration.

  • Free Consultation
  • Credit Analysis Report
  • Includes 4 Collection Accounts Only
  • Personal Service
  • Monthly Meetings (optional)
  • Credit Education
  • 60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee

NOTE: Collection accounts exceeding $3,000 balance are not eligible for this plan.


  • Free Consultation
  • Credit Analysis Report
  • 6 Months of Credit Repair
  • Personal Service
  • Monthly Meetings (optional)
  • Credit Education
  • 60 DAY – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Pay-Per-Deletion Plan

This plan is perfect for the individual that has a lot to tackle but doesn’t want to pay a monthly rate.

  • Free Consultation
  • $150 First Work/ Credit Analysis Fee
  • Prices vary per deletion **
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Personal Service
  • Monthly Meetings (optional)
  • Credit Education
  • 60 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee

$20 Monthly - Strictly Credit Education

This plan is for those that dont really need credit repair but credit education to start building or rebuilding credit. This plan is also great for those who just need a little help boosting their scores to be eligible for the best rates/offers.

  • FREE Consultation
  • $10 Credit Analysis Report
  • Weekly Credit Boosting Tips
  • Month-to-month Payment Plan

Pay-Per-Deletion Pricing

Accounts exceeding $3,000 balances – price per deletion will be 2% of the balance deleted per bureau

  • Personal Information – FREE
  • Public Records (Bankruptcies, Liens, & Judgements) – $100 per confirmed deletion per bureau
  • Other Records (Charge Offs, Repossessions, Late Payments, & Collections) – $50 per confirmed deletion per bureau



We strongly believe you should not have to pay for something that isn’t working.

IT’S SIMPLE, if during the first 60days from your sign-up date, there are no results and you have followed and complied with all of our Terms and Conditions guidelines initialed by you at sign-up, we will refund you up to both of your monthly payments. Just like that? Just like that! Per the Credit Repair Organization Act, NO credit repair company can guarantee a particular score or a specific outcome. But we can promise to dispute/validate every single inaccurate, outdated, and unverifiable item on your credit report, in efforts to generate results in your favor.


1) How long will it take to increase my credit score?
All though we can’t guarantee a specific credit score at any time, we can say that on average our clients see an increase in their scores in the first 45-60days. There are five factors that impact your credit scores not just one, which is another reason why we cannot guarantee a specific credit score. Take a look at the chart below for a better understanding of what makes up your credit score and what doesn’t affect your credit scores.


2) Can any removed Item get reinserted on to my credit report?
The chances that any removed item can come back are low, but it can happen. Some key reasons this can happen are listed below:

  • Debt is Unpaid
  • Debt gets sold to another 3party
  • Item gets verified after 30days

However if a re-insertion does happen the FCRA( Fair Credit Reporting Act) requires the credit reporting agency to notify you no later than 5days after the date of reinsertion and the creditor who is reinserting the negative item must certify the information is correct. These FCRA requirements are not always practiced; therefor this leaves room for a new dispute.

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